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Welcome to my website. After a great time in Spain selling my Modelminiatures tools, accessories and kits at the many wonderful competitions in Spain, Portugal and Europe, I have returned to the UK with my now wife Sol.


I am keeping my website and interest in the modelmaking hobby alive here. I am interested in scale modelling, tackling all subjects from cars, ships, aircraft and military vehicles. I have even been known to attempt some figure painting! My main era of interest is WW2 aircraft and vehicles although I do like some modern jets as well.


On my website my aim is to keep as close to up-date as possible with the shows and events in the scale modelling world in the UK, in Europe and the world.


I have three events pages and if you wish me to promote your event then please email me through the contact page.


I have a gallery where I have many photos and images of models and events I have visited.


I will keep trying to visit as many events as possible and show photos in the gallery. I do attend shows with Paul of Little-cars.com and along with Brian we help sell his tools and accessories here in the UK.


Please keep looking from time to time as I am up-dating all the time. If you wish me to add any content or an event you know would be good here, please contact me through the contact page.


Maybe we will meet at one of the shows.


May you always have fun making that favourite scale model replica.


Thank you for looking, Pete and Sol.