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News for December 2017.


Hello everyone here is my news page for December and here we are the last month of the year. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I really wish that we all get the favourite new model kit on our Christmas wish list from Santa.



Onwards to next year and also I have decided I will visit some European shows so watch here for where I have visited.


I have still not progressed any modelling despite having some time available. There always seems to be more pressing things that need doing keeping me away.


Keep looking at my progress page for updates.

The link to my page is here.



My finished work is shown on my gallery page......



I have been buying though and the stash is increasing again faster than I am building. I have Thunder Models Scammell transporter, 2 Ding-Hao models which are add ons to AFV Club models I have the T34/85 with bed springs and the Mercedes L4500S Truck & EMC Mines & a German navy figure really looks good. Looking at a dock side diorama. (If I get round to it).



The show was a great success in 2017 . Looking forward to 2018 now.


The Essex Modellers Show 2018.

The link for the website here:- http://theessexmodellersshow.com



I have kept updating events and shows. I have many 2018 dates coming in now as well. Keep having a look as these are coming in fast.

I have added a Military and Airshow event page where I will promote all these type of events separately. Many events are at Museums and well worth a visit.


There are links to pages where the listing of  the shows and events that I know and can verify.

Please keep looking often, as I add them as and when I can verify the dates.


The link is here:-  http://modelminiatures.com/events-and-shows


I keep spending alot of time catching up on Facebook with the many friends and groups I have joined, much to my dear wife's annoyance. There is always wonderful work displayed on the many pages and cannot believe how many great modellers there are out there.

Please remember if you are visiting a favourite show please make sure you check information before travelling.

Please contact me through the contact page I will always welcome photos or event news to add to my website.

Please keep looking in from time to time and I wish you many happy hours making that favourite scale model.


Thank you.

Pete and Sol.